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TFA: A Gentle Restructure
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6-Dec-2017, 11:58 PM
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7-Dec-2017, 12:07 AM
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Great to hear!

Here’s the V1 cutlist, updated to the best of my memory to include the new changes. Italicized changes are ones that I’m not sure are being included. Does everything look right?

New Crawl.

Added the Falcon jumping to Hyperspace after leaving Jakku, then being ripped from Hyperspace soon after.

Removed General Hux from the first scene with Snoke, where he suggests using the weapon to destroy the Republic. (FX by Jackpumpkinhead to paint out Hux walking offscreen during first shot)

After Rey flees Maz’s castle after her Force vision, replaced the Hosnian system being destroyed in the sky with a Star Destroyer.

(Color correction of Maz’s Castle battle to make it seem like it takes place at late afternoon)

New deleted scene of Leia discussing the Republic.

When Finn is introduced to Leia, removed mention of the Hosnian system’s destruction.

R2 now has a blinking light to indicate that he’s searching for the map.
(3PO walking away foley)

After Rey resists Kylo Ren’s mind probe, added the portion of the Snoke scene from earlier where General Hux suggests using the weapon to destroy the Republic. (FX by Jackpumpkinhead to overlay Kylo Ren’s face over where his mask was for one shot)

Moved General Hux’s impassioned speech to after Kylo Ren overreacts to Rey’s escape from her cell.

After the speech, the nearby Sun beings to be drained, as Hux and the troops gaze upon the stream being sucked into the planet. (Recolored to yellow-orange, and reversed so as to appear to be going down into the ground)

During the briefing scene at the Resistance base, changed and added dialogue to indicate that the Republic is still unresponsive to their messages.

Cleaned up the smoke and debris around the Starkiller weapon exhaust when X-wings approach.

During a brief cutaway to the Resistance base as Han and Chewie infiltrate the oscillator, removed Threepio’s line, “It would take a miracle to save us now.”

Immediately after Kylo Ren kills Han, the Starkiller fires and destroys the Hosnian system, as Leia senses it through the Force.

As Finn and Rey start to head outside the oscillator, cut to Snoke and Hux planning to destroy the Resistance.

As the Falcon flies away from the imploding planet, removed shots in which the fighter pilots appeared more joyful than the galaxy’s fresh loss would lead one to expect and re-scored and re-foleyed the entire sequence.

Extended the shot of R2 as he finishes searching his backup data.

(Chewie cropped out of shot at the Resistance Base)

Final shot stabilized.

JEDIT: BTW, is this still being called Restructured, or is it The Starkiller Edit?