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Sir Ridley
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TFA: A Gentle Restructure
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6-Dec-2017, 10:08 AM
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bromeo said:

Sir Ridley said:

😄 First I cobbled together a replacement background using frames from the movie and some painting. I then inserted that background over the original shot and made it follow the camera movement, and added new film noise over it to match the rest of the shot. I then cut out the unnecessary bits of the replacement background so it only covers Kylo Ren and a little bit of background and leaves Hux intact. This is how I did the timecode removal for the deleted scenes as well, even though that was more complex.

You’re a wizard, Ridley. 😎

Interesting, I hear that’s what they told a young dark haired boy once. He got sent to a school together with other young wizards. Some troubling events took place there but he came out of it fine and in time he became a very powerful young man. Today he goes by the name of Kylo Ren.

Kexikus said:

Sir Ridley said:

Understandable, but in Hal’s words from last page: “I totally agree that such dialogue would be great to have there, but I don’t think the existing material to work with yield something worthy of inclusion.”

I don’t know if it would be good to imply that they’ve been talking by seemingly beginning in the middle of a conversation because either way the left out conversation is still just in our “headcanon” and audiences watching wouldn’t necessarily come to the conclusion that they had that exact conversation just by leaving out “Supreme Leader”. And the imagined left out conversation can still make sense with how it’s presented now.

Good point. Maybe TLJ will offer some dialog to improve this scene in a potential V3, but for now you’re probably right in leaving it as is.

Oh, and the slowed down shots are the pilot reactions when Starkiller fires. One of Poe and one from another pilot whose name I can’t remember. They’re both taken from the “There’s a brand new hole in that oscillator” scene IIRC.

I’ll have a look!