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Sir Ridley
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TFA: A Gentle Restructure
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6-Dec-2017, 8:15 AM

bromeo said:

Hmmm, Leia & Korr Sella deleted scene. Was she even established in the original TFA? When Hosnian Prime (another name I had to learn from wiki) met with the laser, I remember thinking “who is that beautiful lady about to get vaporized?”

Very excited to see all this edit magic happen even after TLJ. Seriously, in my opinion… there is no need to hurry JUST to get Restructured V2 out before the new movie. Take all the time you need. * looking at everyone involved *

EDIT: Ridley, that crawl… something truly special. 😛

I don’t think Korr Sella gets an introduction, no! She’s still an “unnamed” background character, but I’m glad she has a scene now.

It looks like V2 could get done before TLJ without cutting corners, but of course there is no end to the tweaks that could be made. I think V2 will be great, and if you want more there will always be other fan edits of TFA down the line, from me and others who worked on this. And perhaps even a V3 some day.

I’m glad everyone keeps praising the crawl when it’s just some text in space, although it wasn’t easy to get it exactly right of course. Thank you!