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Sir Ridley
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TFA: A Gentle Restructure
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6-Dec-2017, 4:44 AM
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6-Dec-2017, 7:06 PM
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Sir Ridley
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So here are my files:

Crawl with faulty beginning:!LEcEBRiT!iMuM7Ee2ZuOPAn7bEPcqgXij3WIMDqW43Tu_SJiVM4g

New beginning for the crawl, use with the rest of the clip above:!Ddc1AT7A!6aFKbxZmg3tM7Br0mqZHSese7eWCM-9H43WL6yBfDMQ

Maz’s castle sequence:!7MURESwK!nDaRVLpLeELeXyofFbjcPkq893Y61hoFCz158RgZRVE

Maz’s castle audio:!WcVE2B7Q!ttn6AYgaU4kYX_xZ2c0GEUcG9TeRbIZRqvS14pUhbfM

Snoke scene:!HZE3GADK!Dxz6aTh7fukkVDZOeE4irLU74YYhJPu4hhZP6H00XE8

Snoke scene audio:!SBUyGIAT!YJXIFYGs_Eym4Am2O3SIlxDCTfvlVc_Wt_TGtuiK9bA