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If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place
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5-Dec-2017, 6:21 PM

TV’s Frink said:

yhwx said:

Is _ender really being that unreasonable now?

To wonder if moderation has maybe gotten a bit too strict for some tastes? No.

To write this?

darth_ender said:

In either case, I’d rather come to a place, get in a couple arguments now and then, and feel like an adult than come to a place where admin and moderators feel the need to ask me if I went potty yet so they can wipe my ass for me.

Yes, I’m probably asking for the ban hammer. Everyone here better enjoy themselves! Don’t have normal human emotions, or I’ll force you to sit on your time out rug to cool off! Don’t express your dissatisfaction with this place or I’ll ban you!

Fact of the matter is that a ban won’t be a punishment, so I encourage the powers that be to reconsider their style, or ban me and silence me and continue on the trajectory they have been on lately.


We all have our bad days. Today just happens to be one of mine. Hopefully, we are allowed to have them and express more raw emotion without punitive action. I know I am probably being unreasonable in my approach and that some tact my prevent harsher action. Nevertheless, it is important that these kinds of things get heard. It’s not like many posters here haven’t shared these exact thoughts in private threads. But no one has the courage to share it publicly because we are literally afraid of being banned. Well, I decided today I am not afraid. If I get banned and nothing changes for the better, I’m not sure I would want to be a part of this forum anymore anyway. If I get banned and moderation changes, perhaps it did some good. If I don’t get banned but get a warning, but also my public expression of what many of you are too afraid to say leads to some change, even better.

I am for being kinder to people and I admit that I wasn’t always nice to the new members. I don’t mind some stricter enforcement. But the constant weight of a potential ban for a bad day like today is ridiculous. We should all be able to prop each other up during challenging times.