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Sir Ridley
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TFA: A Gentle Restructure
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5-Dec-2017, 4:03 PM

The line sounds odd technically and the choice of words is peculiar (“swept aside”). I understand the reasoning that Hux would mention this to Snoke, but maybe it’s better to just assume this happened off screen or that Snoke found out in some other way. Snoke’s next line doesn’t make much sense in that context either. If this was news to Snoke he would have some sort of reaction to it and not just follow with “Then the Resistance must be destroyed …” which is a good follow up to the original “they have the map” but not really to “the Republic is gone”.

The thought behind my version is that it gives the short scene a logical narrative. Hux tells Snoke that they’ve tracked the Resistance and Snoke thinks that’s good and proposes that they fire on them.