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In what way I should watch a Star Wars Marathon?
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3-Dec-2017, 3:21 AM
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3-Dec-2017, 3:22 AM
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I’m gonna give this thread a bump. I never marathon through these movies, I just watch whatever the hell I feel like watching.

I would recommend machete order IF The Force Awakens didn’t exist. For me, the time gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, especially to a first-time viewer is jarring. I watch the Unaltered Original Trilogy first, then I spring for the 2002-2005 Clone Wars 2D animated series, both DVDs back-to-back. Then watch Episode 3. Whether it be the “original” version, the extended cut on the Spleen, a fan edit (the best one is hands down Labyrinth of Evil V4.2, but I digress) I feel like you can skip out on the embarrassing mess that is Episode 2. The time gab between Episodes 1&2 is so big, that the characters are entirely different people by the second movie, but the second movie is so bad it’s only enjoyable if your completely inebriated. Episode 3 has Return of the Jedi highs, and Attack of the Clones lows. If you’re wanting more, watch a few episodes of the 2008 CGI Clone Wars show just to space the original trilogy and the sequel trilogy even more. Then move onto The Force Awakens. Sorry for the wall of text.