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star wars battlefront 2 controversy thoughts
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1-Dec-2017, 1:46 PM

J0E said:

bromeo said:

I just hope Disney pulls the plug on EA’s Star Wars license in the future. I’d love to see a new KOTOR from BioWare (or a new RPG from CD Projekt Red).

I’ve lost what little hope I had for a KotOR 3. Even with EA owning Bioware, having exclusive rights to the Star Wars license, KotOR being made available on Xbone and KotOR 2 having a massive update a year or two ago on steam. Setting aside that the game series is over a decade old and it’s no longer considered “canon”, what really made me lose hope was EA shutting down Visceral because of the “linear single player” Star Wars game they were developing. I still had hope. After seeing Deus Ex get a sequel after over a decade I had hope for KotOR, but no longer. It’s a shame because it is one of the finest role-playing experiences out there along with Ultima Underground, The Elder Scrolls chapter 2: Daggerfall and Baldur’s Gate.

OMG I need CD project red to work on a Star Wars game that would be amazing