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What's the most popular edit of ROTJ right now that DOES NOT remove Hayden?
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27-Nov-2017, 6:56 AM
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27-Nov-2017, 7:14 AM
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Hello, I’m looking for the best version of ROTJ but want to keep the final Force Ghost of Hayden Christensen. There’s many amazing edits out there that make the film better, like including deleted scenes/reorganizing scenes, but for various reasons I need one with Hayden at the end.

Anyone have any recommendations?

Side request: there is an edit somewhere that I can’t find but I know is in some recent pages–it only has the first 45 minutes and is on Vimeo, it simply reorganized a few key scenes and added the lightsaber reconstruction scene. Does anyone have that thread? Edit-Found it, in case anyone is interested: