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Suicide Squad Extended Edition fan edit**Sorry link no longer available
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24-Nov-2017, 5:08 AM

Possessed said:

RayRogers said:

one69chev said:

On the spleen…

I don’t see a BD25 at all, just MKV files. Unless if it’s V1 only.
Nah, none. Expected M2TS or an ISO. Disappointed. Making a fan edit in HD and not making a BD25 download? That’s nearly pants-on-head retarded.

I know this was back in July but holy shit, could you be any more rude?

If it’s that important take 10 minutes and turn it into a blu Ray with tsmuxer and imgburn. There’s no reason for such an entitled attitude.

Yeah, when I read that idiotic ‘pants on head’ shite, I was like ‘what the f@#$ ever’ and basically moved on. The interesting thing to me is that RR obviously had access to the spleen and looked for my edit but yet a few days later asked for an invite in the Myslpeen thread, so that brought a whole new level of WTF to the situation. But then I figured, the more energy I devoted/invested in that conversation would steal from things I actually wanted to invest in elsewhere, in things I actually value…