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The A-Team Broadcast Restoration
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23-Nov-2017, 6:10 PM

The more I read about the little edits the more I remember and the more it bothers me, the pilot movie been one with the music replacement.

I downloaded the pilot off Google play in HD and still the same cut messed with version so I purchased an old VHS of the pilot to check if the music is replaced in that version, it should arrive in the next day or so.

I loved the pre credit teasers when originally shown in the 80’s and hated it when I found out they where missing off the DVD’s.

The episodes I listed previous have the teasers in place on the episodes.

I only wish I had kept all my pre recorded episodes before I upgraded to the DVD’S I purchased the original release of season 1 & 2 then purchased the small box set version with all seasons in the UK but still have missing teasers.