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Jeebus said:

Jay said:

Jeebus said:

Why is it Apple’s job to coddle the users and make sure they don’t accidentally fuck something up?

If we lived in the world you envision, microwave ovens would continue to run even if you opened the door. Users don’t deserve to have their faces burned off just because they make a mistake.

I would say it’s more like the microwave runs perfectly fine, as if it were a normal microwave; but if you trust your skills, you can open up the back panel and tweak the microwave to have a cooler looking timer, or even supercharge the microwave to heat really fast. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you may accidentally mess up the wiring and the microwave will stop running as well, or maybe even stop running at all; but it’s usually alright in the end because you can rollback the microwave to before you tweaked it at all.

I think this is a key difference between more advanced PC users and Mac users. PC users like to tweak, often as a hobby. I built my gaming PC years ago and have swapped out numerous parts since then, which I enjoy. Mac users see their computers as a tool for accomplishing tasks. I like my Mac, but to me, it’s a toaster. I make the toast, then I walk away and forget about it.