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18-Nov-2017, 1:13 AM

yhwx said:

chyron8472 said:

yhwx said:

Also: y’all should use Macs.

If you’re into graphic design or video editing, sure. I am not.

This is a misconception that a lot of people have about Macs: they’re only for artsy-fartsy people. That’s just not true. They’re for everybody, from the lest competent computer user to a visual artist to a web programmer. That last one, I think, is a particularly important point, as there was a bit of an exodus from Windows and other platforms to the Mac for programmers in the last decade.

The mass migration within the development and IT fields from Microsoft products to Apple products has been staggering, and these aren’t unskilled users. MS was caught completely off guard by it and they were smart to push into the cloud as much as they have; they’ve been pretty successful there, thanks in no small part to their increased focus on design and usability.

The price comparison is a persistent myth that refuses to die. Similarly configured PCs cost similarly to Macs, and companies that switch to Apple products experience lower support costs and less time spent helping non-technical staff.

Jeebus said:

Why is it Apple’s job to coddle the users and make sure they don’t accidentally fuck something up?

If we lived in the world you envision, microwave ovens would continue to run even if you opened the door. Users don’t deserve to have their faces burned off just because they make a mistake.

Besides, you absolutely have complete access to everything on a Mac, just not necessarily via the GUI, and they’re fairly configurable. Apple took a decidedly different approach to iOS with its walled garden, and given all the security flaws in the various flavors of Android clogging the market, I can’t say it wasn’t the right one. I get annoyed that I can’t place the icons exactly as I’d like on my iPhone’s home screen, but with stories practically every week of some app on the Play Store logging user’s sensitive data and sending it God knows where, I choose to put up with a less-configurable UI. Anroid’s openness makes it inherently less secure.