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14-Nov-2017, 2:14 PM

I like the story of inuyasha. The execution of the anime is a bit excessive and obnoxious with its dialogue, a bit too typical of anime.

It’s English dub is such a mixed bag. It’s actually quite well acted and the voices fit the characters absolutely perfectly (jakken is annoying af but that’s my only complaint) but they were so obsessed with having accurate lipsyncing that the dialogue is really awkward. No worse than most English anime but it’s more of a nuisance because the voices and acting are actually good so the bad dialogue bothers me more because it could have actually been good.

I’m actually working on a series of fanedits of the series that condense the extremely superfluous and largely redundant series into a series of feature length movies that address most of these issues. It’s an old styled anime so there isn’t much cgi therefore I can actually take the English dub and trim some dialogue and even cut sections of lines out without removing the entire line and because of alot of the animation being static when people are talking I can seamlessly edit the video to match. It’ll probably be about 14 movies or so since the series is so long and serial-y.