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A plan: Despecialization. We know it can be done. Now the question is... Can Molly do it?
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14-Nov-2017, 11:23 AM

IIRC, Harmy didn’t use any 97 sources. There may be places where doing so could be an improvement (e.g., ESB’s Emperor scene).

As having wanted to despecialize Star Wars myself I don’t see a conflict with there being 2 different versions in the future (and if I release such a thing it’ll be called “Rolled Back” rather than “Despecialized”, so there’s not going to be any name confusion). I don’t think my approach will be the same as his, so the results could be better, worse, or both. I’m mainly doing it for practice.

I haven’t seen any version of Despecialized - I pretty much stayed with straight GOUT until the SSE came out.