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A plan: Despecialization. We know it can be done. Now the question is... Can Molly do it?
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14-Nov-2017, 7:47 AM

Warning: This may yet end in failure. These kinds of things happen all the time.

This is why I’ve been watching for Poita’s SE project and for 4K77. 😉

I made my first attempts at despecialization right when the DVDs came out, but at the time I knew nothing about video editing and all I had to work with was Virtual Dub. I’ve got a lot more resources at my disposal now, and I’ve started to wonder if I could pull it off now.

While I have tackled similar projects before with my current toolset (and they were larger in scope though simpler in nature; for example, I’ve done rollbacks of Pokémon) I haven’t gone back to do Star Wars. I think when we have a full scan of the 1997 edition, I’m going to do just that.

So let’s see, what would this entail sourcing?

  • Obviously, the BluRays.
  • An HD TS of the DVD master (2004). I don’t know what the best source of this is. I might even have access to at least one although if it’s Spike it might be cropped and thus less usable?
  • Scans of the 97SE. Waiting on this.
  • Scans of the OUT. In ANH’s case, I think I’ll wait for 4K77, but we do have the SSE too.

This would be a slightly different approach, I think, and will produce different results. I’m not trying to compete with Harmy, just take care of some unfinished business.