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Anakin, Father of the Empire - A More Intellectual Prequel Series
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12-Nov-2017, 5:28 AM


The characterisation of Anakin should be at first a young Jedi, dealing with his own hormonal and intellectual imbalance, and trying to understand the politics and righteousness of; the Clone War, the corrupt republic, and the extremist cult of the Jedi Temple.

With his relationship with Padme he begins to learn of proper love and sexuality. Through her he also learns the proper politics of the Clone Wars. She teaches him much, and, for the first time, he understands humanity, this even further pulls him from the teachings of the Jedi Code.

Come the time he begins to turn, he feels the teachings of the Jedi are entirely unjust. This however does not make him become a proper Sith. After he slaughters the Jedi, he goes straight to slaughter the Sith.
When it comes to him and Obi-Wan they should be depicted as friends, with a brotherly bond. They share many jokes and are often on the same level of thinking. Their separation does not start until after Anakin has turned.

The ultimate fear for Padme needn’t be due to having dreams of her dying, but instead the Jedi - led by Master Windu -attempting to kill the couple, punishment for attachment. In reaction to this attack, Anakin should go to Palpatine and begin his attack on the Jedi temple.