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Dragon Ball Series Preservation
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11-Nov-2017, 5:17 PM

clutchins said:

greenlanternslight said:

clutchins said:

The only audio out for DB is for eps 1-7 and the last episode. The movies already have good Japanese audio.

You mean the movies audio is the only ones not affected by this? If that’s the case then i hope all the audio for dragon ball is eventually found then. Audio that has been released as of now do they included color correction? Because the dragon boxes color’s wrong.

If you want to get technical, the movies are a weird dual-mono mix where one aspect of the mix (dialogue, sfx, or music) is stereo and the rest is mono. I can’t remember which part is stereo, though. But the audio is pretty much the master audio in terms of quality.

Nobody has color corrected any series and released it yet.

Including the the 13 movies and the 2 specials of dragon ball z?