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Disney to buy 20th (21st) Century Fox? (Disney has now bought them - 14 Dec '17)
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9-Nov-2017, 6:28 PM

SilverWook said:

YodaFan67 said:

Going to be honest–
Besides X-men, what popular movies/ franchises does 20th century own? This is actually a serious question. I have no clue.

Off the top of my head…

The Day The Earth Stood Still

A good chunk of Marylin Monroe’s body of work.

Alien and the Predator films.

The Die Hard movies.

Planet Of The Apes original films, tv series and reboot.

M.A.S.H tv series and film.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The 1960’s Batman tv series and feature film.

Every Irwin Allen 1960’s SF/fantasy tv show. Lost In Space, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, Land Of The Giants Also his biggest and best disaster flicks such as the original *The Poseidon Adventure.

And a back catalog of old movies and tv shows as impressive as MGM or Warner.

Something I don’t think any of us have pondered before. Who owns the Holiday Special? Fox or Lucasfilm?

The god awful chipmunk movies
Fantastic 4
Star Wars (1977)
That is all I can think of off the top of my head because you mention the ones I would mention
And yes Disney owns the holiday special because abc produced it