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Ranking the Star Wars Soundtracks
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8-Nov-2017, 2:57 AM
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DominicCobb said:
Regardless, saying you have no interest in the official digital release because its digital is silly if you’re asking someone to give you digital files anyway.

No, I’m not interested in acquiring them via iTunes or paying for their digital versions. You should know that all my music I have is owned on CD but I listen to them digitally, having ripped copies to put on my PC and iPhone. They’re more for collection that repeat playing themselves as I’ve got no qualms with digital copies for all my favourite bands and music but I want to own them on a physical medium of which my favourite is the CD album since I grew up with it and enjoy the artwork and booklets that come with them. I don’t like the thought at all of only owning some megabytes of data when it comes to the music I am most passionate about, I want something I can actually hold and look at physically.

I already own physical copies of the work, some of which is arranged / edited differently but still essentially the same source material but is also missing a couple of tracks that should be there in the first place.

Ultimately, like I said, it’s up to you, but it is piracy. If they release the OOT officially are you going to download that illegally too? Same logic.

As said, I haven’t ever seen the original soundtracks for sale anywhere. I’ll look into it but I don’t think they’re actually available outside non official retailers, meaning they fall into the same category for sharing copies as the DSEs do. This site well knows the grey area it falls into and I think this is where the OOT soundtracks now fall into as well. I will see if I can confirm that though before proceeding further in obtaining them via other means.

As for the missing cues, there’s only two - Lapti Nek and the Ewok Celebration - but as far as I know neither are the film versions. If you’re interested in the film versions, there are score fan edits out there that try to preserve that.

Would you mind pointing me to any such fan edit scores (can’t say I’ve seen any around yet in my travels)? As it’s something else I initially thought about asking above but was waiting to see what came about with my first question.