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iso star wars tv recordings
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7-Nov-2017, 6:05 PM

chyron8472 said:

I think it would be helpful if someone could explain what the different home video releases actually are and their differences. I don’t personally have that information though.

In the 1997 version it’s the one with the really bad Jaba the hutt it was the one released in theaters It adds Jedi rocks and Luke screaming as Luke drops off of the pole at the end of empire strikes back If you want that version look up harmys Respecialized

2004 version with Hayden Christian at the end of return of the Jedi and the really bad color correction and it adds Naboo to the end of return of the Jedi it adds the Ian mcdermand as the emperor in empire strikes back

2011 version it adds the r2d2 rock it adds Vader screaming no at the end of return of the Jedi it adds the really bad obi wan scream

That is the very brief version of the major changes