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Anakin, Father of the Empire - A More Intellectual Prequel Series
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5-Nov-2017, 11:32 PM
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The focus of the films should be on:
1. The morality and duality of the Jedi and Sith Orders.
2. The politics of the Republic.
3. Effects of the Clone Wars.
4. The beliefs of Anakin.

For the first, the Jedi and Sith should not be seen as wholly good, nor wholly evil. The beliefs of the orders should be depicted as extreme and arrogant. Anakin will realize this and be on the way to attaining balance upon his turn. He is the first Jedi to attain proper balance. His poor treatment at the hands of Obi-Wan will cause him to lean toward the Dark Side.

For the second, we should see a once noble and just system of government on its last leg, on the verge of fulfilling its usefulness. The Republic should be corrupt and inadequate, the Empire should be borne of Anakin’s political ideals, not Anakin’s stupidity. Padme should be depicted as an intellectual who effects Anakin’s views drastically.

For the third, we should the Clone Wars as three wars fought between the Republic and three different factions. The first war was between the Republic and the Kaleesh-Nemoidian alliance, the second between the Republic and the CIS, the third between both of these powers, but led by the Sith. The effect these wars have on the Republic and its citizens should be depicted as extreme.

For the Fourth, my ideal Anakin is a very moral and ethical person. Someone who strives for justice and decency above all else. At first, he hates the Jedi for its lack of freedom and adores the Republic for its freedom. Eventually, he will become fed up with both of these inadequate powers and help Palpatine create the Empire.