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The Cloak of Evil. (Clips available)
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Star Wars: Episode 1

The nefarious Trade Federation has blockaded the peaceful planet of Naboo in an attempt to tighten it’s strangle hold on the outlying systems and force Queen Amidala to relinquish her rule.
Hoping to bring a swift end to the crisis THE SUPREME CHANCELLOR has dispatched legendary JEDI MASTER Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi to the besieged planet.
Unbeknownst to the JEDI the TRADE FEDERATION are merely pawns of THE DARK LORDS OF THE SITH, the eternal enemies of the JEDI KNIGHTS…

Without loosing any major plot points, I have trimmed The Phantom Menace down to roughly one hour, taking inspiration from the pacing of both The Clone Wars and Thor Ragnarok.

I’ve tried to create a sense of fun and humour through the cutting.

There is now no pointless exposition, repetition of information, and as few walking and talking scenes as possible. My goal was tell the story of the film as if through the eyes of a child who was repeating the experience of watching a Star Wars film.

In the first half (The Phantom Menace) the Jedi first appear after the Republic Cruiser is destroyed. This is a much stronger and iconic introduction.

There is no journey to the Gungan City at the beginning. Boss Nass is not a character in this film.

Anakin is not a slave.

He has already won the Pod race when the heroes arrive on Tatooine.
Instead of offering to enter the race, Anakin offers his race winnings to pay for their parts.

He doesn’t work for Watto. Watto only appears twice, first in the “Republic Credits” scene and again briefly telling Qui-Gon they have a “deal” after which we cut to Qui-Gon dropping the hyper drive at the ship for Obi-Wan to install.

I have have kept Qui-Gon testing the blood and the midichlorians.

The next morning after Maul arrives, Qui-Gon talks to Shmi about Anakin. “If he had been born in the Republic…” ending at “Can you help him?” "I don’t know.

I’ve tried to tie in as much as I can the arrival of Maul with the scenes talking about Anakins potential.
3-PO is still in the film at this stage, he was two scenes.

They leave Tatooine at the half hour mark currently.

Coruscant is streamlined.

No mention of the Queen being elected.

The Trade Federation do not have a seat in the Senate.

Malastare intervene still.

I’ve moved the conversation with Qui-Gon telling Obi-Wan he’s a “far wiser man than I” to the balcony at the Jedi Temple.

The crew return to Naboo.

The Queen and Anakin wait as Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and Jar Jar swim to the Gungan City to procure their assistance.

The first time we see the Gungans in mass is when they emerge from the mist.

Jar Jar is a semi-capable warrior, though the Gungan’s don’t last long agains the droid army in this edit.

Anakin isn’t an accidental Pilot.

No celebration.

The Funeral Scene and Obi-Wan/ Yoda scene are in reverse order.

The final scene is Palpatine talking to the Senate, informing them that he plans to make a Clone Amry to counter the increasing threats of “The Trade Federation”. Essentially the beginning of the Clone Wars.

I’m currently refining the cuts to Attack of the Clones, so much of this is subject to change.

VFX assistance will be required for some of these edits.


Crisis! Thousands of star systems under the leadership of the enigmatic Count Dooku have declared their intentions to leave the Republic.
Seeing this as an ACT OF WAR the Senate has called for the deployment of the Republic’s CLONE ARMY.
Having declared her planet a democaracy, Senator Amidala former Queen of Naboo, embarks for the capitol to plead for a peaceful resolution…

A streamlined Attack of the Clones.

The Clone Army is already in existence so there is no secret army mystery, just the mystery of who is trying assassinate Amidala. This also makes the link between Dooku and Jango more ominous, and the Jedi look less stupid.

Qui-Gon begins his communication with Yoda in this film, and will be heard faintly by Anakin and Obi-Wan…

The journey to Naboo is cut.

Padme and Anakin’s first kiss is not until the arena.