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Sorcerer - William Friedkin 1977 vs Wages of Fear - European theatrical release. Discussion
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4-Nov-2017, 8:11 AM
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4-Nov-2017, 8:35 AM
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djsmokingjam said:

Ronster said:

Thanks for the update… How do the extended scenes feel with the original sound mix for them?

That is not with the german audio dub…

I think any effectivess the extra scenes might have is more often than not spoiled by the extra dubbing. The scene where Nilo has to cross over the big puddle to assess its depth, in particular, has a bunch of unconvincingly looped taunts from Jackie that stand out like a sore thumb from the other dialogue in the scene.

So in terms of the German dub and the Finnish VHS with somewhat original sound mix sans poor audio edits… Is the original Spanish Language intact on extra scenes and so on… or has this been dubbed also?

Does the German Dub Feature the original Language i.e. Spanish or French or is this dubbed in to German also?

Sounds like it will be a very interesting edit…

Sorry just to elaborate the scenes in the Helicopter and the Hut that has had the nitro glycerine stolen by the terrorists. Is the original language in tact for these?