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Sorcerer - William Friedkin 1977 vs Wages of Fear - European theatrical release. Discussion
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4-Nov-2017, 7:00 AM

Ronster said:

Thanks for the update… How do the extended scenes feel with the original sound mix for them?

That is not with the german audio dub…

I think any effectivess the extra scenes might have is more often than not spoiled by the extra dubbing. The scene where Nilo has to cross over the big puddle to assess its depth, in particular, has a bunch of unconvincingly looped taunts from Jackie that stand out like a sore thumb from the other dialogue in the scene.

But really good news glad you got this atleast…

Sorcerer for dummies 😃

I guess it is a bit of a silly edit I assumed as much but really for the scene extensions with english / original sound mix rather than flashbacks inserted haphazzardly also…

Well please share your findings.

Would appreciate a cap of the bridge scene also but with original colors please…

Ah interesting about fonts for english version! Is it possible to restore them?

I think my current plans for this are to try and restore the cut using a mix of the German TV rip and the Blu-Ray (slightly but not heavily desaturating and darkening the latter to more closely match the former) for the video, with a patchwork of all three sources for the audio. Before then, I’ll see if I can make a compilation of highlights and upload it to my YouTube channel. I’m just in the midst of buying a new (well, refurbished) Mac so might be in a position to start working on this later this in the week. Fingers crossed!