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Wonder Woman: No Ares Twist
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30-Oct-2017, 1:08 AM

While I like the idea behind this edit, the execution didn’t work for me. Several edits were choppy and obvious, and certain things made no sense. The explosion at the top of the tower happens out of nowhere now, with no explanation for what it is or why it happened. Also, the shot in which Steve runs to Diana as she is lying on the ground is confusing, as we don’t know how she got there. Diana also seems almost completely passive in the final sequence of events, which doesn’t seem quite right. Unfortunately, it needs much more experimentation and fine-tuning before it could work.

On another subject, the version of “Wonder Woman” that I’d most like to see is as follows:

It would be a “Golden Age Edition”, set entirely during WWI, with no modern-day sequences and no events that wouldn’t happen in a truly standalone version separate from a larger universe. Most notably, Steve wouldn’t die. Steve’s death is actually my biggest pet peeve with the movie - killing him off in an origin story is, in my eyes, like killing off Lois Lane in the first Superman movie (without having Superman go back in time and save her, that is). I’d like to see the early scene of Steve stealing a plane and bombing the gas factory tinted and darkened (to turn it into a day-for-night sequence) and edited into the final scene. My idea is that when he asks if the gas is flammable, he then steals the plane and bombs either the factory or the large plane stocked with gas, then flies away from the explosion.

The scene in which Steve and Diana stay the night together in a house would be removed. It felt very out of place to me.

If possible, it would be implied that the version of Greek mythology that the Amazons believe is, at best, spotty, and that the “gods” may not be what they seem. All references to Zeus being the creator of humans would preferably be removed. If at all possible, Ares would be cut out of the movie. If that wouldn’t be possible, then his scene would be fine-tuned to remove some of the worst lines and trim a bit of the CGI excess. It would also have to be re-edited so that Diana’s reaction to Steve’s death is no longer included. Preferably, it would be turned into less of a physical battle, and more of a temptation/resistance battle of wills.

The overuse of slow-motion would be remedied by speeding up certain shots to regular speed. The movie would be color-graded to remove the blue tint and give it an overall more colorful look (preferably something reminiscent of three-strip Technicolor). Also, this is the least essential change, but it would also possibly be re-scored with some more classic and less Zimmerish.