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Rise of the Rebellion: A Rogue One Edit
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29-Oct-2017, 5:04 PM

MalàStrana said:

By corrected I mean that the audio file on your bluray version is 2.0 and not 5.1. I’ve checked twice the iso file and it really is 2.0. Too bad the file can’t be less compressed ! (but I think the lack of “punch” I noticed with the current 448 kbps track is due to the absence of 4 channels).

That being said:

MalàStrana said:

I made a french version […], could be possible to use its time frame to resync english subs as well (I may try that later if it’s not too much time consuming, just need to retrieve the english sub from the bluray first).

English subtitles:!wk8jFIQR!LlVN7T__gwhX9ViFC_mwjt8m7jekIXd_wGBuqc4DjWw

French subtitles (with further corrections made 'cause while synchronizing the english ones it appeared to me that a few lines were not properly translated):!std2BQoB!U5ZXNhT4aoEkBHlil-dwK-nkkC5aEuji7Q31A4oWYwA

Thanks for the subtitle work, I will add them to my next burn.