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Sorcerer - William Friedkin 1977 vs Wages of Fear - European theatrical release. Discussion
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18-Oct-2017, 5:05 PM
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18-Oct-2017, 6:32 PM
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djsmokingjam said:

EDIT: Never mind!

I read what you originally wrote… So you got the english audio for the german cut?.. If so Hooray!

I hope you got it… everything was resting on this so please revitalise this idea it is a good one after all 😃

Don’t tell me it got sold already…

Although I have not hunted this down. My opinions still stand on the points I raised.

  1. Cement characters names they were somebody who became nobodys in Vera cruz.
  2. Selective translation of foreign language awful either put translation up for audience benefit not just what is in the script. Use fonts of the time…
  3. Telescopic sight overlay on truck shot missing
  4. Recut shovel attack so it is in correct order as it is jumbled up.
  5. Famous bridge scene color alteration awful in blu-ray begone foul image…try to make it look like poster promo images.
  6. Put both cuts of the film together to make extended edition
  7. Restore original audio mix

That is all i have to say summed up and I will help out if you agree… But i don’t think you agree…