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The Force Awakens: Official Review Thread - ** SPOILERS **
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17-Oct-2017, 4:21 PM

tomalakis said:

DuracellEnergizer said:

Unless TLJ & Ep. IX prove so stellar that they make up for its flaws and elevate it above itself, I’ll likely never watch TFA again. Still, my desire to rewatch TFA is greater than my desire to read the same warmed-over anti-TFA diatribe over-and-over again.

A friendly bit of advice: If your argument includes mentions of “fan service” and “Mary Sue”, it’s safe to say it’s all been said before, hence you can spare yourself the effort of saying it again.

friendly advice: you should get used to it, because you will hear it a lot, because besides “fan service” there is really nothing significant to say about this movie.

So since it’s already been said, why not just say nothing at all? It’s been said here over and over anyway so it’s adding nothing new.