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When Vader’s shuttle is landing in the second DS there is a scaffolding struture on the left side of it, but then in the next close up shot of the shuttle it’s no longer there.

When R2 plays Luke’s holographic message to Jabba, Luke’s lightsaber is shown clipped to the right side of his body. Then before the message ends a brief shot of Luke’s hologram is visible showing his lightsaber clipped to the left side of his body indicating that in all previous shots of Luke before the one with the message ending, Luke’s holographic image was flipped.

NOTE: In the film Luke keeps his lightsaber clipped to the left side of his body (this is also true in TESB).

During R2’s holographic message of Luke to Jabba in the shot showing Jabba and Bib Fortuna then panning down to Salacious Crumb, the smoke coming from Jabba’s pipe is going inward and the bubbles in the bong are flowing downward indicating that this shot was played in reverse.

In the scene when “Leia” pulls out the thermal detonator in front of Jabba, the shots showing Boba Fett during this are flipped due to his helmets antenna being on the left side.

On Jabba’s sail barge when Luke is shot on his mechanical hand by a blaster the injury from the shot is already visible on his hand before he’s even shot and when he is shot he’s actually shot on the sleeve.