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14-Oct-2017, 12:27 AM
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20-Dec-2017, 11:50 AM
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Okay, this is something I’ve been working on for a while.

I realized while getting close to finishing the Technicolor ANH project that I wanted an original poster to go with it, and to use as DVD/Blu-ray art (if it was worthy). For these projects I like to give myself plenty of conceptual requirements to make it a creative challenge, and for this the requirement was to feature all of our heroes in a scene which occurred (or could have occurred) during the film.

There is only one scene in ANH that features all the heroes, and this is during the Death of Obi-wan. So I tried to find a way to make a dramatic composition of the scene, but the geography of the set meant that either Obi-wan or the other characters would be too far away to render in detail.

Switching gears and thinking it over, I realized that there was one other scene that could potentially work:
Technicolor ANH Poster Sketch
This meant contriving a moment before the destruction of Alderaan where R2 decides to show Chewbacca the Leia hologram. Since Han doesn’t seem to know about Leia on the Death Star, I had him turning away from the hologram, as if he’s just finished target practice and is going to hang around in the cockpit for a while.

This is just a sketch colored with Photoshop, so the details aren’t final. I’m considering making the hallway a more natural warm tone, for example. So, any thoughts on color/composition before final painting?

JEDIT 11-20-17: I’m in the middle of doing the final drawing, which is on full-size 27 by 40 inch Masonite. It’s a bit overwhelming, so in the meantime I’ve gone back and finessed the color and lighting of the sketch:
Sketch 4
I tried making a warm-colored hallway but it was too distracting. Blue it is!

JEDIT 12-20-17: The final drawing is complete.
Final Drawing
Now I just have to get to the painting!