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NJVC Custom Blu-ray Set of Harmy’s Despecialized Editions now available on Mega
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12-Oct-2017, 6:10 PM
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12-Oct-2017, 6:11 PM
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Great work Solkap! Awesome to see these available again and with a great guide to boot. I’ve already got my copies but it’s good to know other SW fans will be able to again get and appreciate these amazing creations and enjoy the SW they remember and love so dearly in a way that should have always been possible.

Fingers crossed it doesn’t escalate the copies being sold for profit but I guess NJVC has had a good think about and decided to release them again anyway which is a big decision seeing as how the whole situation must make them feel. Hopefully by making these easy to get (like 2 seconds of google searching), it should actually head of the need of anyone buying them on eBay and instead invest a smaller part of that money if need be in official SW copies instead to meet the requested requirements of owning the movies to acquire these blurays.

Note that I found searching for “star wars despecialized blu ray” returned NJVC’s original thread as the first result so it might be good to ask him to include a link for this thread at the top of his OP, as you know that for many people even reading past two lines of text is too much which will then see them go looking for the still easier method of obtaining these if they have cash to spare.