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Dealing with People Selling Fan Projects
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12-Oct-2017, 12:37 PM

towne32 said:

NeverarGreat said:

Running torrents off of your website is a good way to run into legal trouble.

Even though you aren’t hosting the illegal content, hosting the torrent can be bad enough if you’re up against Disney and the MPAA. It’s a really bad idea to make yourself a target like that, in my opinion. And I thought it was a funny Leia misquote.

New people like to complain about how decentralized things are around here. Some people complain because they’re too lazy to figure it out.

I think this is a bit unfair. It’s an attitude of experienced computer users who don’t like to explain things to other people. Sometimes I can be a part of that category.

But who’s to say that these users are lazy? Can you prove it? I doubt it. Also, technology should be available to everyone, not just to people who’ve sunk their whole life into it.

Others make the reasonable claim that it drives people to places like Ebay.

It’s a reasonable claim that having things a bit decentralized thwarts some of the less technically inclined and probably drives them to ebay. And that having higher visibility (apparently more than a very obvious facebook page) would prevent some of those sales. Others would still buy because they are either lazy or don’t have the internet connection or ability to burn BD-R and make pretty cases.

But I would argue that besides the problems that A) some jackasses are profitting and B) some dumbasses are losing money,

I’d say it’s kind of harsh to call people who buy edits on eBay “dumbasses.”