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Prologue: The Chosen One
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11-Oct-2017, 9:09 AM
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I just finished a new edit of a ‘short film’ fanedit entitled “The Chosen One” using TPM footage (and a brief scene from a fanfilm). My goal was to create a quick prologue telling Anakin’s origin without all the bullshit. This footage is completely rearranged to create a whole new (very simple yet interesting) plot.

In a nut shell: Both the Jedi and the Sith sense a vergeance/disturbance in the Force and they are in a race to find the boy.

This is the story I always felt it should’ve been… super simple. You’ll notice the first few scenes are the same things happening on the Light Side and Dark Side of the Force… they both feel it and are compelled to take action. This sets up a much more meaningful confrontation between the Jedi and Sith at the end.

The whole edit is about 25 minutes and very fast-paced. It’s the best I could do with the material from the movie. The goal was to create Anakin’s origin story in a short film that can be watched and understood by someone who has never seen Star Wars before; and for those who know the films well, it’s a fun quick abridged version of what happened using only the ‘good parts.’ Oh, and Anakin barely speaks 😃 In addition to eliminating bad acting, i think it adds eccentricity and innocence to the character - the fact that the Jedi show up and take him from his mother makes it a bit dramatic, which explains why later in life, he’s tormented by thoughts of missing/losing his mother and legit excuse for his contempt for the Jedi later on. The lightsaber fight, which is obviously the climax, takes up about half of the run time.

The story goes:

  • Qui Gon tells the Jedi council he has encountered a vergeance in the Force.
  • They postulate it may be ‘the Chosen One’ and tell him to bring the boy to them.
  • Obi wan warns Qui Gon he senses something… elusive. Qui gon tells him to relax.
  • Palpatine tells Darth Maul there is a disturbance and that Anakin must not become a Jedi.
  • Qui Gon and Obi Wan travel to Tatooine to get the boy from his mother.
  • Darth Maul arrives on Tatooine shortly after and sends out probes to find them.
  • Maul confronts them on their way back and Qui Gon escapes with Anakin.
  • Qui Gon and Obi wan bring Anakin before the council and they test him.
  • The Jedi council concludes he will not be trained and assigns them a mission to accompany the Queen to Naboo.
  • Qui Gon tells Anakin he can’t train him but to shadow him and be mindful.
  • They travel to Naboo as the Queen’s bodyguards where there is a brief skirmish among locals. - While accompanying the Queen, Darth Maul appears and the Jedi confront him.
  • I added Duel of the Fates score to the Obi wan/Maul fight for increased intensity
  • Qui Gon gets killed and tells Obi Wan to train the boy.
  • Obi wan get permission from Yoda to train Anakin.
  • Qui Gon funeral
  • “The Chosen One” title card and credits


The edits to make this happen are extensive, as you’ll see if you watch it. PM me for a link