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Dealing with People Selling Fan Projects
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8-Oct-2017, 6:56 PM
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ZigZig said:

Darth Lucas said:

how did this happen?

  1. The official sources are/were TehParadox (which is closed) and MySpleen (where invitations are not available anymore).
  2. When a newbie asks “where can I get them” on this forum, the 2 ou 3 same guys always answer with jokes, or “read the first post” (which is outdated), or don’t answer at all, or forbid access to newbies (you must be a member for 6 months before getting the private links, which is quite justified and understandable, but can give the impression of a closed club).
  3. If you want to learn more about how to get the Despecialized Editions, you have to read 161 pages of private jokes. And do not try to give your opinion or to answer to a post, you’ll receive “get out of here” or “ridiculous” for answer from some people who think that this forum is their playground, even though the vast majority of members are kind and caring.

On the other hand, if you pay on eBay, you receive a beautiful package with a box, inner sleeves and beautifully printed blurays.

I am obviously outraged that people get paid on eBay for the volunteer and free work of other people like Harmy, Poita, Adywan or DrDre. No one should claim $ 100 on eBay for Harmy’s work, it is not fair. And I’m happy to be a (young new) member of this forum, where I can learn a lot of things about SW, and share my passion with people who are, for the most part, extremely sympathetic.

But I understand why many people end up finding eBay easier than this particular forum …


You raise some good valid points ZigZig - and I appreciate your efforts in here to try and come up with a solution to these issues.

To try to answer some of your points - and in the interests of clarity for others reading up about this topic…


Harmy’s Dspecialised Editions are widely available on both public and private torrent sites - in many differing formats and sizes. That new posters state on here that they searched ‘high and low’ on the public torrent sites and still can’t find them is somewhat baffling. Also baffling are those that say they don’t know how to use torrent sites and then ask to join myspleen…

In Harmy’s first post in his Despecialised Edition thread on this site is the linked ‘The Ultimate Introductory Guide’ -
which chronicles how to obtain the DE.

Harmy also has a facebook page - chronicling how to obtain his Despecialised Editions - via ‘The Ultimate Introductory Guide’ linked on it.

And a twitter page too.

There is also a youtube video out there with ‘The Ultimate Introductory Guide’ linked in on how to obtain the DE.

I think (though am not certain) that the above video, with ‘The Ultimate Introductory Guide’ linked in, is available on other similar video sites too.

Please note that the first post of the ‘Myspleen Invite’ thread HAS indeed been updated.

Re the 2 or 3 guys who answer ‘newbies’ with jokes etc - yes, at times they could be a little more helpful and can a bit sarcastic. However, please note that many of the posts in the various Despecialised / myspleen threads have many, many new people to this site who haven’t read that first post on how to obtain them, nor have they taken the time to actually read through the thread, or around the site - they often just ask how to get them - repeat it a few days later (or more) and then never post again.

I imagine many regular & interested posters pop in a few of these quality Despecialised threads from time to time - after seeing the thread has been bumped - thinking there may be some new additions to the work, or a new alternative take, or that it may have inspired someone to do something similar, or perhaps an update on the project, or just a good conversation on the topic at hand etc…

…but, no - it’s yet another ‘can I have a link’ type post.

For the posters who have been here a while… seeing quality threads bumped by people consistently and repeatedly asking questions that have already been answered many, many times - on a subject to which the answer was staring ‘newbies’ in the face all that time - is quite frustrating - and well… patience can, somewhat understandably, wear a little thin.

However, if anyone oversteps the mark in treatment to fellow posters - new or old - it can be reported to the moderators on here.

If a member on here chooses to only give a small number of invites to a few fellow members that have been here for 6 months or more, then that is his/her prerogative and is down to that specific member - it does not reflect on this site. It also has little-to-nothing to do with this site.

This site was not the only way to join myspleen.

This site has no affiliation with myspleen - although some people are members of both sites.

For those wishing to join up at myspleen it has repeatedly been pointed out that myspleen’s own forums remain open to join, at:-

It is on that forum that many questions could likely be answered better than on here.

It is also possible, that contributing to those forums, will likely get them the information they desire - as well as likely being made aware of if/when myspleen invites will be made available once again.


Re artwork for the Despecialised Editions - there is a whole section of the dedicated to helping provide covers, discart, chapter inserts and artwork etc for near on all things Star Wars. There are many differing options to choose from, ranging from quality work from professionals in their field - to people like me who struggle with MS Paint…

There is also information including info on how to print on discs, which type of paper is best, which printers will print direct to disc, how to make a boxset, alternatives to storing films on discs, which dvd or blu ray cases are decent - and cheapest to buy from, and how to make your own covers etc…

I mention this as I received an email not long ago from a person who had bought a Despecialised Edition boxset from ebay - it certainly was NOT ‘a beautiful package with a box, inner sleeves and beautifully printed blurays’…

It was printed on cheap ‘letter quality’ paper on which the ink had run through to on the other side, it had cheap cases which had cracked in transit (or before?), and the films themselves were on a very cheap brand of blu ray disc - and would only work on some blu ray players.

So ‘buyer beware’ - for they are likely dealing with the type of person who goes against the wishes of the man who gave us these Editions for free, profits from the work by that man & many, many others, sells them on at an extortionate price - and then apparently sends out substandard / shoddy sets.


Re the njvc Custom Blu Ray Set…

njvc very kindly put his customised project of the Despecialised Editions up for people to download - for free on Mega - and some ****s still downloaded and put them up for sale on/at various places like cons, ebay, other online selling sites etc. We now know that some people on myspleen (when invites were still being given out) have done the same in downloading them and then selling them on.

This somewhat nullifies a few claims seen on here along the lines of ‘restricted availability leads to higher demand and more expensive sets sold online - so make them more easily available’.

A quick read through the posts in the njvc’s ‘Custom Blu Ray Set’ thread on the matter clarify this, along with the valid reasons njvc felt he had to take his project down.

To me, if you are create something in the fan edit/preservation community, somebody is always likely to take your work, put it on a disc, and then sell it. It’s been happening for many years - it is not right, none of us like it - yet there is no real way to effectively stop it.

My personal opinion is that whilst njvc did some outstanding and technical quality work on his ‘Custom Blu Ray Set’ - with all the superb menus, commentaries and special features etc - it is the actual content, the films themselves, that are the most important aspect of being able to watch the unaltered original trilogy in the form of Harmy’s Despecialised Editions.

As dahmage posted on the subject, a few days ago, so succinctly:-

'these custom bluray’s were just one guys (njvc) project, if he doesn’t want to publicly share it anymore, that is his call. you aren’t being denied anything. the OT is still available for you all (Harmy’s work).

sorry if you feel like this is a problem, but take a step back, after you got the discs, you would say ‘cool!’ and then life would continue, it isn’t that important that you have a pretty blu-ray menu.’