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STAR WARS EPISODE I: Dawn of War (Old Version)
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7-Oct-2017, 11:42 PM
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I have been watching fan edits for a few years now, and I have tinkered around with editing in the past, but this is my first full-length project!

STAR WARS: Dawn of War is my upcoming fan edit of THE PHANTOM MENACE.

My edit won’t be the traditional “Cut poop jokes and Midichlorians” edit (Even though those things are getting cut). This will be a complete re-imagining of the film from nearly the ground up. The taxation of trade routes isn’t being debated. Chancellor elections aren’t happening. The Galaxy is on the brink of total war.

The SEPARATIST ALLIANCE is displeased with the Galactic Republic, claiming that it is becoming more and more corrupt under the leadership of CHANCELLOR PALPATINE.

In an effort to become powerful enough to overthrow the Republic, the Separatists are recruiting systems into their alliance. Naboo is one system that the Alliance have had their eyes on because of its strong political influence in the senate. After rejecting Dooku’s offer, his forces invade the planet, forcing the Republic to send two Jedi Knights to rescue the queen and escort her to safety on Coruscant.

During the escape, Dooku contacts the worried Queen, offering one more chance to join his Alliance. She declines. Just before her ship makes the jump to hyperspace, a droid fighter destroys one of the ships engines, sending her and her crew into the Outer Rim.

They make an emergency landing on Tatooine, traveling into a city in the hopes of finding the parts that they need. There they meet Anakin, an slave with a dream of seeing the stars. He becomes fast friends with Qui Gon. After Qui Gon purchases the parts, he runs away with the slave boy in order to enlist him into the Jedi Order. They’re attacked en route to the ship by a masked figure with a red lightsaber. The ship takes off and makes its way to Coruscant. On the ship, Anakin meets Padme, a handmaiden to the queen.

Anakin is accepted into the Jedi Academy. Palpatine convinces the senate to create a Grand Army of the Republic to fight the Separatists across the galaxy. Soldiers are enlisted or volunteer into the service. The Republic sends its army to Naboo in order to reclaim it. A strike team of Nabooians is sent down to the surface while the attack on the Separatist Command Ship is carried out by the Republic Navy.

Dooku escapes, Qui Gon dies, Maul is killed, the day is saved!



The movie starts with the Queen escaping the Separatists attack on her home world, escorted by two brave Jedi Knights. This cuts out boring negotiations and Gungans from the plot. Poor line delivery will either be cut or dubbed. Scenes on Coruscant will be heavily cut or re-purposed.

In the Phantom Menace, the primary antagonists are the Trade Federation. This is a problem because they don’t remain the antagonists throughout the trilogy. To remedy this, they will become the Separatist Alliance. To help reinforce “inter-connectivity”, Dooku will become the main villain of this edit. Using deleted scenes from Episode II, he will taunt the queen as she makes her escape from the Naboo system, on the brink of complete invasion.

Of all of my problems with the Prequel Trilogy, the only thing that irks me more than the dialogue is the technology. In the original trilogy the hologram of the DS II is the most advanced non-weapon tech we see, yet in the Prequels we see holograms and hovering stuff everywhere. To make the Prequels seem more like they take place many years before the Originals, the Naboo ships will no longer be extremely polished and the display screens will show dots and lines! Instead of making OT tech comply to the prequels, prequel tech will comply to the OT!

(The above image is from a test animation of the final battle.)
Using Source Filmmaker and models from Battlefront 2, all (space) battle scenes in the film will be remade to fit to my story and plot.


Other Edits:

-Yoda will not appear, he will be mentioned.
-Qui Gon is not Obi-Wan’s master. They are both Jedi Knights.
-Color correct the entire film to feel more like the OT.
-Apply grain to the entire film
-3PO and R2 won’t appear
-Qui Gon will have a blue saber


Thanks for reading!

The first few teasers and previews have been removed for privacy reasons. If anyone really wants to see them, I’ll gladly rehost them on Vimeo.
Coruscant Preview: Password: ending
Final Preview: password: final

There are also many image-based previews spread throughout this page.