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Anakin Starkiller
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Star Wars: A 3-in-1 fanedit of the Star Wars Trilogy (With only one Death Star) | Voice Actors?
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6-Oct-2017, 4:24 PM

I think the worst thing about the Original Trilogy is that there are two Death Stars.

I’d say it’s the second worst, number one being Leia being Luke’s sister. Though I’ve already remedied that problem for my edits, I have yet to tackle this one. Though leaving the Death Star intact throughout the trilogy or having Luke only blow up the superlaser are valid options, I intend on simply moving the Emperor’s throne room to Coruscant, probably at the top of the Jedi Temple (now Imperial Palace)'s central tower. The hard part will be replacing the starry sky outside the windows with a view of Coruscant. The Death Star is destroyed by Luke in ANH and never seen again (TFA included). It’s not like anyone super important was involved in blowing it up the second time anyway, so that wouldn’t be a big loss. It would also keep us from having to follow too many battles at once, something that, while not a problem per say, feels rather unnecessary.