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Anakin Starkiller
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Can anything possibly be improved in ESB?
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6-Oct-2017, 3:58 PM

Of all the star wars films this was the one that needed the special edition treatment the most but Lucus was probably too afraid to add the deleted materials or was more concerned with pushing the cgi of Lucusfilm. It was not about the film and restorimg material from the cutting room floor so much but they did restore some of the cues but nowhere near as many as they should have.

Really? It’s clear in my mind that the one that most needed the restoring of deleted scenes was ANH, specifically Biggs Darklighter’s story. The worst part is that they did actually re-insert it…but only half. This is just worse because whereas we weren’t made to care about Biggs in the original cut, here we have the emotional reunion without the emotional parting, so we’re just confused as to who he is and why Luke cares about him. We don’t need the whole Tosche Station scene. Just the parts with Biggs.

TESB isn’t even second in the OT in this regard, as I find RotJ’s deleted scenes far more interesting, notably Jerjerrod’s Conflict.