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Return of the Jedi - Remastered
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3-Oct-2017, 10:34 PM

Till recently the thought of OT fanedits has never entered my mind and they still never will for ANH and TESB. However, being part of this community for a while now has made me realise that ROTJ could possibly use some tweaking here and there to as you say, strengthen it in view of the other two movies.

Your edit sounds very interesting, especially with the fact you used Harmy’s DSE as the base for 95% of it. My only gripes that make me reluctant to watch it though are:

  • You left in the CGI creatures in Jabba’s palace despite removing Jedi Rocks. Never had a problem with the original scene nor Nappti Lek.

  • You kept the SE ending and music. It’s not one of my most hated changes by GL but it’s still up there with most of the big ones as it completely messes with how I feel at the end of the last SW movie (till Ep7:TFA came along anyway but ROTJ will always feel like the closer on the OT with TFA starting the next trilogy).

I don’t know if it’s to much to ask, but would you consider making a 100% DSE edition of your edit or at least revert the above matters to their DSE versions in an alternate edit?