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Lord Vader: A Star Wars Story
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3-Oct-2017, 11:16 AM
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6-Oct-2017, 2:22 PM
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Ok, I’ve been working on this edit for a long time now. It started out a personal project because I know there is a good movie buried in ROTS. The objective was to edit ROTS into one enjoyable coherent “A Star Wars Story” movie based on Anakin’s turn to the Dark Side, significantly different from ROTS, to take the place of the prequel trilogy - removing all the superfluous stuff and making it relate better to the OT and RO. L8wrtr’s ‘Dawn of the Empire’ edit has always been my go-to version of ROTS but I wanted to take it a step further, implementing many of his changes, but adding many more of my own. It’s VERY different from ROTS - faster paced and more serious. In my opinion, this is as good as it gets telling the story of Darth Vader with existing material. or PM for a download link.

Some of the MANY Changes:

  • Remove all references to “Darth Vader” or “Vader” or “Darth”
  • New prologue telling Anakin’s abridged history with cuts of Qui Gon telling the council he has found him, young Obi Wan telling Jake Lloyd Anakin he is going to train him and Yoda warning against his training - so we now know who everyone is and how they relate
  • Lord Vader intro title card
  • Open with Obi-Wan and Anakin arriving on Coruscant after Dooku mission - exposition tells all we need to know about events prior
  • Cut Mace’s line about Grievous being a coward and always running and hiding.
  • Re-cut the “I’m Pregnant” scene
  • Transition directly to the balcony scene.
  • Trimmed balcony scene to remove corniness.
  • Anakin’s nightmare is black - no visuals.
  • Cut Anakin’s avoidance in talking to Padme on the lower balcony, trim dialog overall.
  • transition to Anakin missing the briefing scene.
  • Transition from Obi-Wan informing Anakin he’s been summoned to Opera scene.
  • Cut out first half of the Opera scene.
  • Modify Palpatine dialog to remove both ‘Darth’ and ‘midichlorians’
  • Transition directly to Anakin talking to Yoda about his dreams of death.
  • Trim out dialog which makes it difficult to believe Yoda can’t see the underlying problem/threat in Anakin.
  • Transition to Palpatine’s office.
  • Trim Anakin’s hesitancy about promotion.
  • Transition to deleted scene of Yoda, Obi-Wan and Mace (slightly trimmed dialog)
  • Transition to Jedi Council informing Anakin he won’t be a Master
  • Tone down Anakins angry reaction
  • Re-cut reaction shots so that Obi-Wan gives Anakin a disapproving glare, and Anakin sees it.
  • Transition from Obi-Wan delivering Anakin’s assignment to Deleted Scene in Bail’s office (trim dialog)
  • Transition to Gunship carrying Yoda, Mace and Obi-Wan (trim dialog about not trusting Anakin)
  • Transition to Grievous/Palpatine sequence. Uncut.
  • Transition to Yoda on Kashyyk and Jedi Council meeting where Anakin reveals location of Grievous
  • Cut Ki-Adi Mundi stating that a Master with more experience is needed.
  • Cut Yoda almost getting hit.
  • Transition to deleted scene in Padme’s apartment. Trim dialog slightly.
  • Transition to Anakin seeing Obi-Wan off - trim dialog.
  • Transition to sounds of Anakin’s 2nd vision - Anakin senses the future - no visuals.
  • Trim dialog between Anakin and Padme about finding a new power to save her.
  • Transition to Obi-Wan departing Cody and his Star Destroyer
  • Transition to Deleted scene of Palpatine’s office and the petition of the 2000
  • Cut dialog about sensing betrayal in Padme
  • Cut to Obi-Wan arriving on Utapau
  • Trim dialog about warriors, now is the time, and is he bringing additional warriors
  • Replace lizard’s squawks with more threatening/less annoying creature-sounds (alla l8wrtr)
  • Cut out squealing Manga-Guard under fallen machinery
  • Re-sequenced dialog between Kenobi and Grievious
  • Cut Grievous taunting Kenobi when he is obviously losing.
  • Cut Obi-Wan’s over-telegraphing his Force-push
  • Cut out droid scream as Grievous runs him over.
  • Replace Lizard audio (alla L8wrtr)
  • Slightly trim dialog between Palpatine and Anakin after Anakin delivers update
  • Tighten Kenobi chasing Grievous, remove lizard audio
  • Cut end of Grievous’ death howl.
  • Slightly trim dialog between Mace and Anakin
  • Speed up Palpatine’s attack on Jedi Masters/trim out silly aspects of Mace/Palpatine fight.
  • Model Palpatine/Mace/Anakin sequence after L8wrtr/Kerr’s version
  • Heavily trim initial dialog between Anakin and Palpatine after Mace is thrown out the window
  • Cut “including your friend Obi-Wan Kenobi”
  • Replace Lizard audio as Kenobi approaches Cody, and is blasted at once Order 66 starts
  • Re-cut and re-score Order 66 - inter-cut Yoda sensing the deaths real-time and cut amount of time it takes Mundi’s and Sacura’s troops to fire on them.
  • Cut padawan’s dialog as Anakin enters the council chamber
  • Cut Bail’s “And so it is…”
  • Trim initial dialog between Padme and Anakin on her balcony.
  • Modify Yoda’s dialog on the Tantive IV
  • Cut R2 popping out of Anakin’s fighter
  • Cut Kenobi/Yoda assault on the Temple Guards
  • Trim Kenobi/Yoda dialog in Temple Hallway
  • Cut Yoda line about Clones in relation to not figuring out the re-calibration
  • Trim dialog between Yoda and Kenobi after watching security hologram
  • Cut Anakin’s line about seeing her ship
  • Trim dialog between Padme and Anakin, more focused, eliminate his hesitancy when he says he can overthrow the Emperor.
  • Add crunching sound as Anakin chokes/crushes Padme’s neck
  • Trim dialog between Kenobi and Anakin
  • Cut and re-sequence initial confrontation between Yoda and Palpatine. No Force-lightening, now throwing Palpatine into a chair, and first half of lightsaber fighting in the office.
  • Cut Anakin and Kenobi fighting on high-wire
  • Completely recut Yoda/Palpatine confrontation
  • Yoda gets up much quicker after being hit by force lightning
  • Yoad/Palpatine Saber duel rearranged
  • Cut Emperor’s reaction time as Yoda hurls a pod back at him
  • Re-cut final Force-lightening stand-off on floating pod. Yoda is overpowered blasted off the pod, falling to the Senate floor while Palpatine remains on the Pod.
  • Cut Anakin ‘lava surfing’ - he leaps right from giant crashing platform to the one Obi wan is on
  • Cut ‘Higher ground’ conclusion, mimic L8wrtr and Corgicar’s quick leap/cut
  • Cut Padme talking to Kenobi in the medical bed of the ship
  • Cut Palpatine and troops looking for Anakin and the order to get a medical capsule
  • Cut Padme’s dying from losing the will to live, she’s just dying.
  • Remove all Padme crying in pain and dialog,
  • THIS IS THE PAY OFF SCENE. Completely recut and rescored ‘Birth of Vader’ scene with new dialogue - Palpatine now says “Anakin… can you hear me?” to which Vader responds “Anakin Skywalker was weak… I destroyed him” (taken from Rebels) - I think this is much more of an emotional moment showing the extent to which Anakin’s mind has really gone off the deep end. Anakin is gone and Darth Vader has completely taken over at this point.
  • Recut and rescored Padme’s funeral - added funeral bells and “across the stars” theme
  • Replace Venator-class Star Destroyer with New VFX shot of TIE fighters and OT Star Destroyers to link up with RO and ANH and infer there were preparations behind the scenes for the Empire… in other words, Palpatine had everything ready for the takeover.
  • Added after-credits scene of young Krennic and Erso on Coruscant… to connect to RO