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30-Sep-2017, 2:18 PM

Another scene for another PT idea I had. This of course was written a couple years, with the intent of it being a tribute to Christopher Lee (more or less). I don’t know how well it’s aged, but I hope it’s somewhat decent.

The doors slid open as a young Jedi rushed into the council chambers. “Master, the last of the ships has left!” she announced with baited breath.

No sooner did Sifo-Dyas hear the words, he saw another Imperial ship descended from Dantooine’s cloudy skies. “Are the remaining Jedi ready?” he asked.

“Yes, master,” said the Jedi–a Zabrak, Sifo-Dyas recalled. “All of us have taken positions all across the Enclave.”

Sifo-Dyas watched the Imperial ship join the four others beyond the Enclave’s grounds. “Tell everyone to push back the enemy as best as they can. If nothing else, fall back to the archives.”

The Jedi nodded before whirling back out. The doors slid shut a moment later and left Sifo-Dyas in the silence of the council chambers. He stood by the window, as he had for the past twenty standard minutes, watching the debacle far beyond.

The five Imperial ships rested in front of the Jedi Enclave like massive factories. The white shapes of Imperial troopers poured down the ramp, their black rifles jabbing at the air as each battalion formed up on the prairie grounds in front of the Enclave. Through the Force, Sifo-Dyas could feel their eagerness, their passion to take the corrupt and fanatic Jedi scum who opposed their emperor.

The sight brought sorrow to the Jedi Grandmaster’s heart. He suspected the Empire would find some way onto the Jedi’s doorstep. He just didn’t know it would be so literal. And there were so many of them…

“Thousands of armed soldiers against two hundred Jedi? Surely, the order has dealt with worst in the past?” a deep voice said in jest.

Sifo-Dyas wanted to smile, but he had no heart for it. “It’s not the numbers that worry me. It’s the possibility of defeat,” he told his visitor. “What are our chances?”

“With the Imperials starships and cannons, slim to none, I’m afraid. Then again, that’s always how it’s been.”

Sifo-Dyas caught a glimpse of a long cloak leaving the once-occupied council seat. He barely stopped himself from turning around. “Why are you here?” his voice slightly rose to a demand, only just. “I have been calling you, but you never showed up. So why now?”

“I have always been here. You only needed to open yourself, my friend.”

The response struck the Jedi’s heart. “I guess that’s true…” Sifo-Dyas mused before he looked back at the window. “At the end, do I really see.”

A strong hand gripped his shoulder. “You’ve done everything you can.”

Sifo-Dyas’ tired eyes went to the bearded face reflecting off the window. “But it wasn’t supposed to be like this. I tried everything to stop this from happening. I didn’t know it would cause it… And now, the galaxy will suffer because of it.”

“For a time, yes.” The hand slipped off. “Others will fight the Empire, and they may win. When that happens, things will as they once were… Perhaps, the Jedi will return.”

Sifo-Dyas looked at his own reflection. “Are you certain of that?”

“No,” was the honest answer. “‘Always in motion is the future,’ as Master Yoda would say. But what do you feel, my friend?”

He wondered about that. What did he feel? No, what didn’t he feel? There was so much confusion, anger, doubt, and so many other emotions he could barely saw through them.
Closing his eyes, Sifo-Dyas sifted through them. The words came to him. What did he feel, truly? Many Jedi who already left would be hunted down, and the Empire would go on to subjugate other worlds. However, the Empire could not control everything and kill every Jedi. Some would survive, perhaps.

A sharp beep cut into his thoughts, and Sifo-Dyas reached for his commlink. “Yes?”

Another Jedi spoke, “Master, the main force is ready. We’re awaiting for your arrival.”

“I’ll be there.” Ending the call, Sifo-Dyas hung the commlink onto his belt and sighed. “It’s time for me to go… I hope we’ll meet again, old friend.”

There was nothing, just silence.

Sifo-Dyas smiled. The Jedi Master should have known he would be gone by now. It was just natural. Always coming in and leaving, like a shadow…

Silently, Sifo-Dyas turned around and left the empty council chambers.