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Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set
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30-Sep-2017, 2:51 AM
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30-Sep-2017, 3:05 AM
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dahmage said:

boxmonkey99 said:

Does anyone here know why njvc’s Blu-ray files have been posted to MySpleen? I mean it sounds like a total pain in the butt in even trying to access the site, especially with all of the people coming here and asking for invites. Wouldn’t it be simpler if the files were uploaded to a more public site where everything isn’t invite only?

it would be easier.
if you read a few pages back (maybe more), njvc pulled his publicly posted files after all the crap that was being sold on ebay etc. I don’t envy him, feeling like your work work has turned into something that could get the wrong kind of attention is not a fun feeling.

I know the seller who has the 200$+ set and the set of the Grindhouse editions is on the spleen. I got into a PM altercation with him on ebay. I said something to the effect of “it’s sickening that you willingly exploit others works for profit, also exploiting desperate fans” and he said “It’s not my fault you’re too incompetent to receive a myspleen invite (insert racial slur)”. The spleen has been infiltrated.

JEDIT: (small part I forgot to add) This is why I find it a little unfair that they aren’t publicly available. Now I do believe NVJC has all the right in the world to pull them down because of the massive influx of people selling his work, and by no means is this a dig at NVJC, his work on this set is incredible. But I do feel like it is a little unfair to newcomers.

P.S.- Thank again to Harmy for making these edits, to towne for the colour correction, to NVJC for this kickass set, and the cat who sent me a spleen invite before invites were closed (you know who you are).