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Rise of the Rebellion: A Rogue One Edit
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25-Sep-2017, 11:05 AM

chyron8472 said:

Why are Vader’s eyes recolored to black instead of having the dark crimson tint from ANH?


Technically, Vader has a few different helmets, each of which have different lenses. The RO and ANH helmet are ‘supposed’ to have the red lenses while the ESB and ROTJ helmets have black. (and who the hell knows about the atrocity Vader in ROTS? Black, I believe… but red from the inside?)

But with all that said, it really doesn’t matter - looks cool either way. I understand why they made them red in RO to match up with ANH, since ROTS was so far off the mark - but in this edit, for some reason, I thought the change to black actually created a cool happy medium with the classic ANH Vader suit, but with the uncharacteristically-ANH polished look and black lenses… this brought it all together for me - a nice mix of classic and new. But it’s really all preference. He’s badass either way… in this case, I liked the change. If we want to see the red lenses, the official version is readily available. 😃