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24-Sep-2017, 4:31 PM
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It’s getting totally out-of-hand. When Project Free TV was up, people could plan their viewing and only deal with exactly what they wanted.

This is a total subversion of the purpose of copyright. The content providers are protected in order to ensure the creation and broad access of quality content to all the citizens. It’s not there to permit the dinosaur legacy media combines to limp along for another decade and squeeze out every last penny regardless of the effect it has on the population. Books are not TV or cinema or music.

There should be a sort of trademark protection for characters and specific fictional universe creations for sequels and series, but otherwise, whatever can be broadcast or streamed should be protected in ways that work best for the consumers.

Maybe protection for two years and then redirect monies from brick-and-mortar public libraries to the creation of private-public concession streaming services to acquire the content in suitable form from the providers and reward artistic content creators. The streamers could also run ads at the beginning and whenever play is hit after pause.