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Blu-Ray and other HD box size STAR WARS covers
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23-Sep-2017, 10:01 AM

oojason said:

skywalkerfan101 said:

solkap said:

skywalkerfan101 said:

I have neither the label sheets, nor the applicator, yet…

No, no, no! Don’t put labels on optical discs! They will deteriorate much faster than the disc itself and when they do, they can cause possibly irreparable damage to your blu-ray player!

Take a look at this article. There are also posts about this floating around this forum.

People posting disc art around are here intending it to be printed directly onto inkjet printable discs using something like this:


I can’t afford something like that. Besides, I’ve been spending months trying to create proper labels on Are you ****ing kidding me?! Only now I start to hear problems? I’ve been using all that I have (paper, cardboard, etc.) to create this set. I don’t have card stock or photo paper. I had to do it myself with what I only have in my possession, and all this hard work has stopped for something like this…Without these labels, my set can’t be completed.

Unless someone does it for me, I have no other options.

Would a friend, or local library or local printers/stationery store be able to help you out?

This thread may be of interest for a little more info on printers with ‘print-to-disc’ facilities:-

Surprisingly, many printers with the print-to-disc facility aren’t much more expensive than the printers without - though obviously it is an otherwise unnecessary purchase (and ink can so expensive these days too).

Good luck with it - I really hope you complete your quality set.

By the way - superb covers and discart - very cool 😃

I can print out the labels myself. I just need the proper materials. There have been people who have had printed labels on discs for years and still no problems, as long as it’s smooth with no air bubbles.