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Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut)
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18-Sep-2017, 12:38 AM

Just finished watching, so here are my thoughts.

  • The opening space battle seems a bit too dark and contrast-y, IMO

  • I think the “never an elevator when you need one” line could be louder, and I don’t think Anakin’s reply is necessary

  • “Good view from up there” is very hard to hear, I’d make it quite a bit louder

  • “No loose wire jokes” could be a tad louder, Obi-Wan’s reply moreso

  • I like that Anakin greets Palpatine. Very small change, but I think it makes the dialogue feel more natural
  • I don’t think “I was about to say that” works
  • I really like how you re-edited the Dooku battle, the omission of Anakin’s yells, particularly; it makes him seem much more powerful and Vader-like

  • I like Anakin’s laugh when the ship lands

  • “So we doing this or what?” could be ever-so-slightly louder, but it’s not a huge issue
  • The rescoring of Anakin and Padme’s reunion was done beautifully
  • “Hey” could be a bit louder
  • “You’ve fought many battles the Jedi thought were lost…” is a good change, and was done very well
  • The cutting of “…master” from “Forgive me, master,” was pretty rough. If it’s too hard to fix, I’d say it just isn’t worth removing, and perhaps it could even make sense for Anakin to be more ‘submissive’ when speaking to Windu

  • I feel like switch between Anakin and Padme laughing to a serious political discussion is too sudden. I think it’s because the “what’s the matter” is in a playful tone. What I’d do is maybe start their laughing a little bit earlier in the establishing shot, giving a greater pause between the laughing and Anakin asking what’s wrong; and replace his silly “what’s the matter” with something similar, albeit asked more seriously (if you can find an audio clip that fits)

  • Anakin’s response to Padme’s question doesn’t seem like a real answer. It seems like they’re having 2 different conversations, IMO. Perhaps cut the “sometimes I wonder what’s happening to the Jedi order,” line

  • I really hate the “hold me like you did on the lakes of Naboo” monlogue, and I’d love for it to be cut

  • I like the Pazaak music

  • The changes to the opera scene were subtle, but well done

  • Anakin agreeing that Obi-Wan should go to Utapau makes him seem much more mature

  • I really like what you’ve done with Obi-Wan’s “farewell” scene

  • The way you’ve re-done the Palpatine revalation scene really does make Anakin seem more autonomous

  • I love everything you’ve done with the birth of Vader scene

  • I like what you’ve done with Obi-Wan’s reaction to the security footage

Overall, it’s a damn good edit, and probably the best version of the movie there ever will be without totally overhauling it.