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Politics 2: Electric Boogaloo
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14-Sep-2017, 10:19 PM
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chyron8472 said:

thejediknighthusezni said:

I would say that a Regular American is one who is a born or properly naturalized citizen with appreciation for the Principles that have fostered everything pleasant and decent in American society and who have considerable desire to live their lives according to what we all, underneath it all, know to be True (this will shock many, but that doesn’t include “transgender” 9 year old boys in skin-tight pink outfits on the covers of our most august publications.)

So what you’re saying is: people who don’t like the music that you like are not normal; people in a certain region who don’t appreciate the things you perceive people in that region should appreciate are not normal.

People who play D&D are not normal. People who dress up in funny costumes and go to conventions to hang out with other people in funny costumes are not normal. People who do not dress how you would have them dress are not normal. People who are not politically conservative are not normal. …and people who belittle others in a Politics thread on a Star Wars forum are not normal. Wait what?

You, sir, are not normal.

And I would say that your assertion that only normal people are pleasant and decent, while saying eccentric gay people are not by default, just speaks to your narrow view of what is pleasant and decent. Especially because you are being neither pleasant nor decent.

The Bible does say that the Fruit borne of the Holy Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Such things are ideal, but we live in a fallen sinful world, with hurting people, who all have their own hurts, habits and hang-ups. You are no measure by which to judge how “normal” said hurting sinful people (including myself) do or do not match up to that ideal. Especially when American culture in general is extremely selfish and doesn’t place much value in many of those traits.

The biggest difference between liberals and conservatives is that liberals don’t trust the powerful corporations, and want the government to regulate business while staying out of their personal lives; conservatives don’t trust a powerful government, and want the government to regulate society while staying out of their business activities. People from either viewpoint are equally normal.

I like most all genres of music. I can even find a few raps to appreciate. The Principles are shared by everyone in the Milky Way Galactic Region. I’m a bigot against those Andromadans. Always been curious to play D&D. Always been a fan of All Hallows Eve. Don’t care about gender-bender costumes on consenting adults as long as the parents have an opportunity to keep their kids clear. I actually feel great appreciation, in this ‘RRRRAAAAAAMMMMMMMM it down your throat’ age, for the homosexuals and cross-dressers who take care to keep it in their homes or designated venues (even though that’s THE BAREST MINIMUM anyone has the right to expect) “Honored in the breech thereof.”

Regular Americans are very ABNORMAL. Tragically, CATACLYSMICALLY, those who furiously defy True Law are the norm of modern society. The normal people are EXTREMELY unpleasant and indecent and incessantly belittle those who yearn for what we all know is True.

I don’t know which conservatives you have been speaking to. The one’s I know tend to feel deep distrust and dislike for the characters who run the large corporations(most of whom are, contrary to popular conception, libdem globalist-fascist lefty tools.) The conservatives I know want strongly regulated business. The regular time-tested commercial legal code represents profound regulation. They just oppose lefty trial lawyer led insanity designed to destroy punish and co-opt the private economy for insane political purposes. The conservatives I know don’t want government in personal lives of consenting adults, they want an end to destruction and depravity rammed into the innocent, the underaged, the uninvolved and the nonconsenting. Anyone who has any faith in Big Govmint for any purpose is ignorant to the point of rock stupid. “Government, at it’s very best, is but a necessary evil.”

It is certainly True that Jesus and the Apostles put great emphasis on products of the Spirit such as love, joy, peace, patience… Jesus placed extreme burdens on his missionary clergy the Disciples. Of course they would, they were launching the most radical faith system in history in the face of intense depravity holding all worldly power. Christians could not be antagonizing in their regular day-to-day lives. But these are not the only fruits of the Spirit, and we do not always act in a regular day-to-day manner. Jesus himself whipped the moneychangers, hurled the worst possible curse words and invective at the Pharisees, vowed again and again and again and again that he would hurl the rebellious into eternal agony, commanded Christians to sell their garments if necessary to buy the weapons for bloody defense… Jesus and the apostles commanded castigation, shunning, extreme judgement of all…