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Episode IX Discussion Spoiler Thread
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12-Sep-2017, 7:40 PM

yotsuya said:

Abrams did Lost. I don’t know of anyone who liked how it ended. His Star Trek movies sucked. TFA has major issues in terms of basic story telling. Abrams is the absolute worst person to pick for IX. I officially predict it will suck. It will be pretty, it will have great characters, but the story will have major holes and the ending will be meh. IX needs an epic ending and Abrams is the worst person to deliver that. God help us if he has anything to do with the writing of it. With a good script it stands a chance (though Abrams will likely screw up the editing like he did in TFA), but I predict he will have a hand in writing it and he will edit it and it will be the worst Star Wars movies I have ever seen. I will see it though, but I expect to be disappointed.

Interesting, because I liked the '09 film and Beyond and I’m probably the oldest old school Trekker around here.
Ironic some criticism of the '09 film was that it was essentially Trek Wars.