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Politics 2: Electric Boogaloo
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10-Sep-2017, 4:35 PM

oojason said:

Warbler said:

The Royals have lived in these building for years (making them historic building on that basis) - they are responsible for the upkeep for them. That they have failed to do so - and then run to the Govt for handouts to now maintain them in a time of austerity rankles with many, and as originally stated goes against the ‘we’re all in this together’ statement previously mentioned by the then PM.

Well I don’t much about what when on and what it is the Royals were supposed to do but didn’t, nor why they didn’t. I just think the bare minimum should be done to preserve the historic landmarks. If the Royals can do that, fine. If they truly can not, I don’t think the solution is to let them fall apart.

No-one has suggested that the solution is to let them fall apart.

Well what do you think will happen eventually if they go unrepaired for long enough?