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kk650's Star Wars Saga: Regraded and Semi-Specialized
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9-Sep-2017, 12:10 PM

KK650’s ESB Semi-Specialised Edition does include the theatrical Emperor courtesy of Adywan. See description:

kk650 presents: The Empire Strikes Back Semi-Specialised Edition

Technical Specs:

Name: The Empire Strikes Back Semi-Specialised Edition

Size: 15.4 GB

Video: 1920x824 H264 23.976

Audio Track: Uncompressed PCM track based of Belbucus’s 1993 PCM audio mix

Subtitle Track 1: English Subtitles

Subtitle Track 2: Spanish Subtitles

Like many, I was unhappy with a lot the changes that were made for the Special Editions and most recently the blu-rays.

Harmy’s Despecialised Editions are great for those that want to see the films exactly as they were when they were originally released theatrically, but some of the changes (especially the updating of special effects) actually make the films better IMHO, so I decided to make ‘Semi-Specialised’ editions of these films to remove what I considered the bad changes while keeping all the good changes/additions.

After working on and off on these three films for almost two years, the Star Wars Semi-Specialised original trilogy is finally finished.

I hope that you enjoy these releases as much as I enjoyed making them. Do please let me know whether you like this release and if not, feel free to say why. If you run into any problems, also let me know and i’ll see what I can do.

Below is a brief summary of the changes made to this film:

The Empire Strikes Back:

Audio changes:

The emperor’s original dialogue from the theatrical release has been restored

The original voice of Boba Fett from the theatrical release has been restored

Luke’s line ‘you’re lucky you don’t taste so good’ after R2D2 gets spat out has been restored

Darth Vader’s line ‘Bring me my shuttle’ has been restored

New lossless pcm audio track created to fit this semi-specialised edition, based off Belbucus’s excellent 1993 Empire Strikes Back PCM audio mix

Video Changes:

Regraded to remove blue tint running throughout the whole film that was introduced for the first time in the special edition DVD and was carried over to the blu-ray

The original emperor from the theatrical release has been returned (my thanks goes to Adywan for the original emperor footage taken from his Empire Strikes Back colour corrected ‘purist’ edition)

The digitally added sparks for the blu-ray in the scene where chewie is trying to get c3po from the dwarves have been removed

All extra shots of Darth Vader going back to the Executor and the arrival on the star destroyer that were not in the theatrical release have been removed so they do not interupt the escape of the millenium falcon

Lightsabers made more consistant so they are not constantly changing colour, Vader’s lightsaber is now red all the time rather than turning pink.

The latest, v2.6 in 22GB, is on the 'spleen.